Company Profile

Mission Statement

The mission of Vital Solutions is to make a positive difference in the effort and time spent by physicians at the office when not directly interfacing with patients, through a streamlined software support structure that is inherently created by their own design.  Every button they choose, every report or letter produced is because the physician desired it and Vital Solutions provided it.

The purpose:  to greatly reduce, if not eliminate office time not spent with the patient

The business:   providing customized software solutions that are designed to fit your needs; more specifically, not designed so that you have to change the way you do business

The values: response and support far beyond the written agreement

History ~ Vital Solutions, Inc. was created long before its 1996 beginning.  A group of engineers and software developers, with hundreds of “man-years” of software, scientific, and engineering experience were keeping busy, satisfying one customer at a time; building software systems dedicated to solving the customer’s specific requirement.  Word-of-mouth and very satisfied customers forced our hand, and attorneys and accountants were brought together.  The rest, as we say is, “History”.