TooCool for Pediatric Cardiology

"I have tripled my patient volume over the past 13 years without hiring additional staff. This has been possible by the increased efficiency from using software designed by Vital Solutions. I have not dictated a letter in 9 years but have generated over 23,000 referral letters with just a few mouse clicks. Most letters take less than a minute to produce. No dictating, no secretary typing, no corrections. With the newest version of TooCool, the letter is now faxed to the referring physician's office as soon as it is completed, long before the patient gets home. TooCool also allows me to scan all incoming reports (cath reports, Holter reports, Treadmill reports, etc.) into the patient's electronic file by category thus allowing me to retrieve all data about a patient within seconds. All this is stored on my hard drive. No hunting for charts. No lost charts. No falling over boxes of inactive charts piled up in the halls. If the software or hardware has a glitch, I pick up the phone and help is on the way. Vital Solutions continues to update the software so I can work more efficiently. It has been tailored to my practice and continues to evolve. I just call and say, "I want to be able to do this" or "can you make TooCool do this?" After 13 years in practice, I'm not working harder. I'm working smarter with computer software provided by Vital Solutions."


Paul G. Israel, M.D.
Pediatric Cardiology Associates PC

TooCool for ENT

"Vital Solutions (the brain trust behind TooCool) is without peer when it comes to flexibility, function, and features. Over six months of experience with TooCool and I am convinced this was the best decision and solution for me and my partners. After many years of closely observing the evolution of EMR software, I wanted a program that was quick to learn and easy to use in a high volume situation, but also ultimately customizable and expandable. My preference was to have a system that would allow individual physicians to have a near seamless introduction to EMR. A physician should be able to add patient records however he likes – learn the most sophisticated, most powerful features of the system all at once or at a slower pace without getting behind. My other requirement was to avoid a system that could hold my patient records hostage. A great number of programs store data in a way that is proprietary and non-transparent. TooCool stores your data in a transparent infinitely retrievable manner. Scanning old patient records into TooCool could not be any easier, and Vital Solutions even provides a customizable way for you to retrieve and view your patient records. "
"“Buyer beware” should be written on some software especially with so called “do everything programs.” I was shocked to find programs that appeared on the surface to have all of these great features only to find they required me to make all these changes in the way I do things. Some of these programs don’t really know what an office does in the real world. Enter Vital Solutions where “The short answer is always yes.” TooCool filled the wish list very nicely. No matter what we would suggest as an improvement or completely new idea the answer is always yes. And we don’t have to wait for the new version coming out at some unknown time or in the “next release of vaporware.” You get your program for your situation with your requests. This time around it really is all about us and the patient; not the software company. "

Mark Hagood, M.D. - ENT Surgeon
Ear Nose Throat Facial Plastic Surgery of Huntsville

TooCool for Pediatric EEG Reporting

"The EEG templates that Vital Solutions designed have allowed me to generate an EEG report immediately after reading the study. This has allowed same day reports to referring physicians and streamlined our dictation system."

Martina Bebin, M.D.
North Alabama Children's Specialists

TooCool for Pediatric Neurology

"I have cut the turn around time for clinic notes by half by using TooCool and never have to redictate which has been a great time saver."

Martina Bebin, M.D.
North Alabama Children's Specialists

TooCool for Pediatric Gastroenterology

"TooCool has been an invaluable asset to our practice. Having Vital Solutions design the program to fit our specific needs and then be so easily accessible to make adjustments has been wonderful. I can't imagine how much more time and money we would spend on patient documentation without TooCool."

Randy McClellan, M.D.
V.P., Pediatric Gastroenterology Associates

TooCool for Thoracic Surgery

"Using TooCool, we have generated over 4,000 referral letters in the last two years, drastically reducing our transcription costs.  The letters are ready for signature by the end of clinic and are mailed the same day.  The best part is that when I am done with clinic, I'm done!"

Evan Cohen, M.D.
Huntsville Cardiothoracic Surgeons


"Using the cheat sheet for TooCool streamlines an already incredibly efficient system. My Patient Visit has gone from Exam, Dictate, Wait, Review, Correct Transcription, Review, and Sign; to Exam, Highlight Cheat Sheet, Sign and Go!! Jeff, where have you been all my life??

Stancel M Riley, Jr. MD
Huntsville Cardiothoracic Surgeons

TooCool for Headaches

"TooCool is a lifesaver.  It saves me two hours of dictation time every working day.  This should be the industry standard.
Thanks Jeff!"

H. Lee McDaris, M.D.
Crown Headache Center

TooCool for Surgery Center

"The paperless office is here to stay and Vital Solutions has the personal service to make it easy. TooCool is just that!"

William Alison Jr., M.D. – Plastic Surgeon


"TooCool has a short learning curve and saves valuable time with operative reports. Having the completed op-note at my office before I return is great."

George Harriman, M.D. – General Surgeon


"TooCool is very simple to learn; especially for a PC novice. My office and the referring physician have the completed op-note before I leave the facility. How cool is that!"

Richard Randall, M.D. – General Surgeon


"TooCool is an excellent way to deal with routine procedure notes. Having the note electronically transferred is also an efficient way to keep up with ‘real-time’ records for your patient."

J. Robert Lancaster, M.D. – General Surgeon


"Even those of us who are resistant to change think TooCool saves a lot of time."

Ben King, M.D. – General Surgeon


"The TooCool system is extremely helpful to me. The reports are at my office before I leave the surgical suite and the format is very user friendly. It makes it easy to complete my operative reports and get them back to me even before what I would consider; ‘on time’!"

J.D. Wheeler, M.D. – OB-GYN Surgeon


"TooCool is a money and time saver! The operative reports are at my office as well as the referring physician’s office just minutes after the procedure. Very helpful, indeed!"

Gregg DeLisle, M.D. – OB-GYN Surgeon


"TooCool has dramatically improved both the quality and the speed with which I complete my operative reports. It would be wonderful to have this program in our local hospitals as well."

Eric Janssen, M.D. – Orthopedic Surgeon


"TooCool has improved my operative day by decreasing time between cases previously spent on a Dictaphone. It is extremely efficient with a short learning curve."

Troy Layton, M.D. – Orthopedic Surgeon


"TooCool saves time and money. Enough said."

Howard Miller, M.D. – Orthopedic Surgeon


"I use TooCool virtually everyday in surgery. It has reduced my paper work time between cases significantly."

John Walker, M.D. – Orthopedic Surgeon


"TooCool is an extremely tolerant and flexible program. Customization for my specific needs is a non-issue. Individuality is the foundation of its design."

Kendall Black, M.D. – Orthopedic Surgeon


"TooCool generates a unique, permanent record, which never has a transcription error. Even a computer neophyte will feel comfortable with it with just a little practice. With this system, my office has a signed hard copy of the operative procedure a few minutes after the case is over."

H. Cobb Alexander, M.D. – Orthopedic Surgeon


"TooCool has been a very efficient and effective system for our outpatient surgery center operative notes. Vital Solutions has been able to refine and individualize each surgeon’s set of narrative procedures."

Cyrus Ghavam, M.D. – Orthopedic – Spine Surgeon


"TooCool is a great concept. Allowing the user to customize each note is certainly beneficial."

Richard Burnside, M.D. – Orthopedic Surgeon


"TooCool has been a big time saver for me. It is great to have the completed op-note reach my office before I return from surgery."

Scott McCary, M.D. – ENT Surgeon


"From a surgeon who is more than a computer neophyte, I believe it means something when I say how cool it is to have a program that is so user friendly and intuitive on one hand, and so efficient and streamlined on the other. What a great marriage of technology and design. Having my Op-Notes already part of my Office EMR and Submitted to billing before I even return to the office is truly incredible or should I say "too cool". Kudos to its creator."

Mark Hagood, M.D. – ENT Surgeon


"From an initially somewhat skeptical surgeon, the following is a genuine compliment. I am actually becoming very comfortable and confident in TooCool and its maker, Vital Solutions. I am able to use it for progressively more of my cases and with increasingly thorough and specific data."

Steve Smith, M.D. – ENT Surgeon


"TooCool is a huge time saver for me. It is easy to learn and easy to use. My office and my referring physicians have the signed procedure note just minutes after the procedure is done. It’s great!"

Robert H. Campbell, Jr., M.D. – Colorectal Surgeon


"TooCool is really TooCool. The procedure note is done and waiting for me back at the office before I even leave the procedure room. I can also generate 8 H&P’s in 10 minutes."

Javad Golzarian, M.D. – Colorectal Surgeon


"TooCool is great; by the time I leave the procedure room the operative note has been printed and sent to the referring physician and to my office. This also allows the surgery center to bill the insurance company the day of the procedure. TooCool saves time and money."

William R. Nuessle, M.D. – Colorectal Surgeon