ENT Head and Neck Surgery

TooCool for ENT Head and Neck Surgery is designed to speed the processing of an office note (follow up or post-op), referral letter, H&P, Rx, History, CT Impression, In-Office Scope.   The actual note is robust enough to stand on its own merit as well as able to pass the rigors of ANY insurance or government audit.   Most importantly, it provides only the information that the user wants and is completely customizable.   It even has a pre-op package that allows the user to select the documents of interest and have them faxed to the hospital of choice in time for surgery.

Defaults can be set for each doctor and for each type of visit, so you need only change a few items based on individual findings.

A Nurse Note / Messaging Center is also included that allows the receptionist or physician to re-assign the note or message to a particular nurse.   TooCool also has a feature that alerts the Scheduler that someone needs a CT Scan, MRI, Surgery, etc.

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