Like all TooCool products, each is built on a non-proprietary foundation of software, hardware, and firmware.   It utilizes standard Personal Computer architecture and Microsoft technology.

TooCool for Headache is designed to speed the processing of a clinic note for pediatric patients undergoing an examination for Headache.   The actual syntax for each sentence dealing with up to four distinct types of headache, including XY location, Z location, onset, pain description, intensity, symptoms, aura, precipitation, description, as well as all other boxes are coded behind the scenes and embedded in the software.  The generation of the actual letter or clinic note takes about 2 – 3 seconds when the form is filled out.  The average time for completing the form is about thirty seconds.  The clinic note is generated, literally, before the patient has left the building.

With many TooCool products, the physician does not even use TooCool, but rather highlights a TooCool form or cheat-sheet and provides it to their assistant, who in turn operates TooCool.  The particular example shown (TooCool for Headache) also generates a Courtesy Copy letter to a specific physician other than the referral physician

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