TooCool Digital Environment for Eliminating Paper

TooDEEP, (TooCool’s Digital Environment for Eliminating Paper) was created out of a necessity to allow some physicians to still dictate their Office Visits, while enjoying all the records management benefits of TooCool.  Those benefits include:

-        Eliminate the need to physically store thousands of paper documents while paying for that storage and the ensuing support staff

-        Scanning and Auto-Importing of documents (paper, film, insurance cards, business cards, incoming faxes)

-        Print and/or Fax single or multiple documents (taking advantage of TooCool’s inherent Fax Manager)

-        Print and Fax at the Same Time with a Single Click

-        Load one or more documents of similar or different characteristics into a viewer with a single click (View All…)

-        Create on the fly notes and messages

-        Re-assign notes and messages to one of several office staff

-        Prioritize messages

-        Hold and retrieve multiple documents

-        Customize on-the-fly referral documents (with or without a “cc:”)


The true benefit of TERM is that it is industry independent.  For example, a:

-        Pediatric Cardiologist might wish to instantly view all Holter Reports or EKGs or previous Office Visits

-        Attorney might wish to instantly view all Notices or Judgments or Memos

-        Colorectal Surgeon might wish to instantly view all Op Reports or Colonoscopy Results or Lab Reports or Office Visits or Prescriptions

-        Architect might wish to instantly view all Rough Drafts or Change Memos or Invoices

-        Thoracic Surgeon might wish to instantly view all Discharge Summaries or History and Physicals or Consult Letters

-        Real Estate Agent might wish to instantly view all Deeds or Mortgage Documents or Prequalification Forms


“You Get The Picture”… If you can press the Start Button on a desktop scanner, TooCool can electronically organize your entire office and hand it back to you on a silver platter (if that silver platter just happens to be any computer on your network)!